About the Hillel Foundation in Australia

The Hillel Foundation exists to help Jewish students on Campus. The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life provides opportunities for Jewish students to explore and celebrate their Jewish identity through its global network and is the largest Jewish campus organisation in the world.

The Hillel foundation was established in America in 1923 and it has been operating in Australia for about forty years. Hillel works closely with AUJS to ensure that excellent programs, services and resources are available for Jewish students.

What can Hillel do for Tertiary Students and Young adults?

There are many things that Hillel can do for you depending on who you are and what your needs are. In some regions Hillel is able to offer you more than in other regions of Australia.

In general here are some of the things we provide:

" Advice on university life, courses and accommodation in Australia and how to get involved
" Campus visits and assistance
" Assistance if faced with discrimination at university/TAFE
" Help with matters concerning university issues e.g. an exam on a Jewish festival
" Guidance (and if necessary referral) for problems or concerns
" Leadership development and further Jewish education or issues affecting Israel
" Jewish learning, both traditional and current affairs
" Support with AUJS endeavours (both old and new)
" Planning and evaluating functions on or off campus

Around the world Hillel has also helped many Jewish students visit Israel

In Australia, Hillel has also provided networking sites and support to encourage Jewish people mixing with like minded people in their twenties and thirties.

What is the difference between AUJS and Hillel in Australia?

AUJS (the Australasian Union of Jewish Students) is an independent federal student union which caters for Jewish students in Australia and New Zealand. AUJS leaders are University Students and work in a voluntary capacity and due to the nature of student life, there is a turnover of leaders each year.

Hillel is a professional organisation, employing some professional staff, which works with AUJS and other Jewish students. In addition to the continuity it is able to offer, it provides a host of programs and services to AUJS and Jewish students on many different campuses.

Hillel provides staff, consultancy services, financial resources, educational seminars, leadership training and AUJS provides fresh, enthusiastic and talented student leaders. The two organisations complement each other to ensure quality services and a diversity of offerings to Jewish students.

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